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Kernel is a press-your-luck dice game for small and large groups. Players collect as many kernels as possible all while racing to 100 points. Learn in under 5 minutes. Be smart, quick, and lucky to take home the win. The player that collects the most Kernels wins!

Cutthroat Island Dueling Pirates

Find and bury treasure or duel other pirates during your turn. Be sneaky and cunning just don’t get caught or you’ll pay the price! Cutthroat Island Dueling Pirates is a card plus dice game. The pirate that finds and holds onto the most treasure wins!

Knightliness (Play Testing)

Knightliness is a trick-taking game played in 8 events divided into Quests & Tournaments. Each drawfrom the deck presenteth a strategic challenge, choose well and be victorious on thy path of Knightliness!

About Us!

Nalik Games is an independent game publisher established in 2021 by Richard Killian. We are located in Riverton, Utah. Our goal is to create fun, beautiful, and engaging games. Besides having a passion for designing new games, we love to collaborate with talented illustrators to help bring each game to life. If you’re interested in learning more about Nalik Games, feel free to reach out, we would love to hear from you.

Client Testimonials

“Super fun, super fast, easy to explain in 30 seconds and start playing! This is a great warmup game for game night and also small enough to bring to a restaurant or take along camping.”
“Easy enough kids can play fun enough adults will play. We play a lot of family games and this one was super fun! We laughed alot!”
Jason E.
Dueling Pirates
"Love it. From the clever corn theme to the ease of play, this is sure to be a weeknight staple. It was quick to learn and set up. Play moves quickly. All ages can find it fun and challenging."
Julie P.

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