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Dueling Pirates

Enjoy this quick playing card and dice game where the luck of the roll and your cunning will make you the most feared pirate to sail the seven seas.

Ages 8+ | 3-6 Players | 45-60 min.

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Players collect as many kernels as possible while racing to 100 points. Be smart, quick, and lucky to take home the win.

Ages 6+ | 2-14 Players | 45-60 min.

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Knightliness is a trick-taking game played in eight events divided into four quests & four tournaments. Each drawfrom the deck presenteth a strategic challenge, choose well and be victorious on thy path of Knightliness!

Knightliness is in development and we are always on a quest for play testers. Giveth Knightliness a try today and let us know how it goeth!

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