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Kernel Dice Game

Kernel Dice Game

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Kernel is a press-your-luck dice game for small and large groups. Players collect as many kernels as possible all while racing to 100 points. Learn in under 5 minutes. Be smart, quick, and lucky to take home the win. The player that collects the most Kernels wins!

Players: 2-14 | Playing Time: 45-60 minutes | Ages: 6 and up

About the game:
• Lose or gain kernels depending on your roll.
• Be the first to grab the corn cob squeeze when doubles are rolled to earn bonus kernels!
• Play it safe or risk it all to earn extra kernels.
• Everything you need to play in a convenient canvas storage bag.
• Great game for kids to practice addition and risk management skills.
• Fun for the whole family and large groups!

• 300+ kernels
• Corn cob squeeze
• 2 dice
• Score pad
• Pencil
• Instructions


Game Design by Richard Killian
Illustrations by Brandon Pfunder

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