A thrilling dice game

Players collect as many kernels as possible while racing to 100 points. Be smart, quick, and lucky to take home the win.

Ages 6+ | 2-14 Players | 45-60 min.

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  • Dice

    Roll the dice to earn points and kernels, but if you roll a one, you lose everything you earned & your turn ends. How far will you press your luck!

  • Squeeze

    Don't worry about getting bored during this game. If doubles are rolled grab the squeeze first and gain bonus kernels!

  • Score pad

    Comes with a score pad and pencil so you can play right out of the bag...did we mention it comes in a custom canvas bag!

  • Corn kernels

    These are a fan favorite for sure! Win and loose kernels throughout the game. The person with the most kernels at the end of the game win!

Roll that dice

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